Portal axles

You are interested in our products? Please contact us now. Portal axles create unique ground clearance by virtue of the axle tube and the differential housing being situated above the wheel center.

In order to achieve this ground clearance without portals wheels with 40 "or tires of a diameter of cm must be installed. This is not feasible! The built-in reduction of the TIBUS Bolt-on portals compensates additional size of the larger tire, so that no additional load is generated on the drive train.

The supplied drive shafts for the Suzuki Jimny made of the material 'm' add even more stability to the axles. The axle geometry is not affected at all so that no disadvantages occur during driving. The turning radius gets smaller, which is another advantage.

All electronic systems work as usual. The front axle of the Suzuki Jimny is guided on radius arms. Thus, when using longer springs, the axle geometry also changes caster so that the straight-line running of the vehicle deteriorates, which leads to extremely restless driving behavior in a vehicle with such a short wheelbase. The diameter of the tires is 69,3cm or 27,5 " Thus, the Suzuki has a ground clearance under the differential of 21 cm.

The total ground clearance is now Because of the larger wheels the load on the entire drive train is increased so defects are more likely in these components. The larger wheels also increase the turning radius of the vehicle. Due to the loss of power, the maximum speed is also reduced if the ratio in the differential is not changed accordingly. Although portal axles are more expensive, they offer considerable advantages on and off the road. There is no alternative.

Portals for other vehicles will follow soon. You can find out more about the state of development on our "News page" and at Facebook or you can register for our newsletter. The bolt-on solution developed by TIBUS Offroad Engineering is an unrivaled way of maintaining the modified car to use as your daily driver. In order to drive larger wheels no further modifications have to be made to the suspension.

The entire axle and steering geometry is also maintained. TIBUS Bolt-on portals are installed on the existing axles, with their special design maintaining their rotating direction. The portal reduction guides the power to the wheels, while the portal gear ratio reduces the load on the complete drive train since the torque acts only on the wheel.

The overall axle ratio changes corresponding to the respective factor, which makes it possible to drive large wheels without having to adjust the gear ratio of the differentials.

If a higher payload is desired, please contact us so that we can find an optimal solution. Contact You are interested in our products? TIBUS Bolt-on portals Extraordinary clearance for extraordinary adventures Portal axles create unique ground clearance by virtue of the axle tube and the differential housing being situated above the wheel center. Body Lifting of e. This results in a ground clearance of mm beneath the differential. That's an improvement of 70 percent.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I built this Jeep to go through anything I throw at it and it never has. Dynatrac axles definitely gives me the confidence to explore in my journey to collecting all 48 Badges of I have done quite a bit of rock crawling for years in the mountains in the Shaver Lake Ca area and on the Rubicon trail.

The stock TJ Rubicon D44 axles were a nice improvement over previous models, and held up well for a long time. Then the rear LSD finally let go.

So to replace the rear locker, might as well do the front too, and then regear from 5. All that work and the front axle The event runs from August This event offers you a great collection of off-road companies, parts, equipment, gear, and experts. Come see us and our prod We look forward to unvieling new products at the SEMA show. The show will take place November, in Las Vegas. Dynatrac Products, Inc. Forgot Password?

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Portal Axles Explained

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Register or login. Please, check your email for the confirmation link.Were they too far out for the average off-roader? We recently had a chance to drive a four-door Jeep Wrangler JK with portal axles nearly identical to what Mopar will soon be offering from your local Jeep dealership.

Simply put, they work. The idea of a portal axle is simple. At the end of each straight axle is a gearbox that raises the axletube so it is above the centerline of the wheel.

These gearboxes also multiply the gearing, in this case by 1. So with a ring-and-pinion ratio of 4. This is about perfect for inch-tall tires under a Jeep JK.

However, this includes 5 inches of lift as well as gearing and lockers, almost obviating the need for any suspension upgrades. We got behind the wheel of a four-door with the axles under it to determine if living with portals is realistic.

See all 3 photos. What We Discovered We drove the Jeep on the road, where it tracked and acted as good as any Jeep Wrangler on inch tires. The weight of the big tires was obvious, but the 3. We expected gear whine from the four-gear portal boxes, but there was more tire noise.

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The brakes Wilwoods reacted perfectly and could slow or stop the Jeep just as normal, even on steep inclines off-road. We checked the speed via handheld GPS and were amazed how 70 mph felt smooth and controlled.

Heavy-Duty Axles

Off-road the stock suspension worked great until the weight of the heavy axles and big tires overcame certain components, especially the shocks, which faded quickly. The Jeep was not a Rubicon and as such had only a 2. The tires did rub ever so slightly at full stuff and turn, but the differentials only scraped a rock once in a whole day of rockcrawling. The additional cost of eight-lug wheels all the portals are eight-lug and tires is considered a wash since few JK owners would be comparing to a Jeep on stock rims and rubber.

However, the high-backspacing wheels are hard to find and demand a premium price in the inch sizes.AxleTech is now a part of Meritor. Please continue to research AxleTech products at axletech. You may visit meritor. AxleTech is an innovative drivetrain solutions provider.

We design and manufacture planetary axles for military and commercial applications — ranging from construction equipment to airport ground support.

portal axles

AxleTech designs axles to meet the specific application demands — we have over 1, different axle specifications in our current offering. We pride ourselves in providing the solution to your most difficult applications. We not only service axle needs for OE production, we also offer complete axle assemblies for aftermarket replacement needs, as well.

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portal axles

Order Parts Online. Heavy-Duty Axles Drivetrain solutions for heavy-duty commercial and military applications.

portal axles

Electric Axles:. Model Capacity Brakes Min. Hub piloted 10 Stud - Non-Drive Steerable Axles:. Planetary Rigid Axles:. Planetary Rigid Tandem Axles:. Planetary Steerable Axles:. Portal Axles:. Single Reduction Rigid Tandem Axles:.

portal axles

Single Reduction Rigid Axles:. Variable Track Axles:. July 5, Reasons fleets should consider reman.A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to get schooled on Portal Axles while in Melbourne in the most unexpected circumstances.

We were in Melbourne for the Australian Motoring Awards still not sure how we were invited. Over a few drinks, we all got to talking. Now keen to learn more, we made the trip over to Marks 4WD to check it all out.

We also got the chance to interview Leigh — read on for what he had to say. Portal Axles are basically a modification that raises the height of the axle and diff housing etc above the wheel hub, increasing ground clearance. A set of gears then connect the axle shaft to the wheel hub. It has the effect of raising the axle and diff housing higher off the ground, and therefore the body of the vehicle too, giving a true increased ground clearance, and a wider wheel track.

Not a self install job — Portal axles are not quite a plug and play option and take days of professional effort to get right. This includes upgrading brakes, extending brake lines, lengthening diff breathers and more. Incorrect assembly or installation can be a safety issue and cost big dollars.

The other drawback is slightly increased maintenance. You need to change the oil in each portal gearbox and there are 4 every 10,km.

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Between them, you are looking at about 3L of oil, and probably an hours worth of work. LH: Yes, almost all of them. We buy in things like nuts and bolts, seals, and bearings, but everything else is made here in our factory in Melbourne. LH: For brand new vehicles, we offer a 3-year warranty on our products. For others, please speak to us because a few factors apply.


We are working on developing kits for models with Independent Front Suspension, such as the Ford Ranger. We need to build the portal Axles, install the new hubs, replace rotors and pads, replace the brake lines, install breathers, install an air compressor for the air operated hubs, install a transmission handbrake, install the Portal Axles, then test.

I was the lucky one who go to do some quick on-road test drives whilst visiting the Marks 4WD facility. The first set of keys Leigh threw me was for a Ranger development mule. Immediately you feel the difference in height, but what was amazing was how tactile and responsive the steering still felt — under brakes there was none of the nose-diving you get from a sprung lift and its attitude through corners was impeccable — the extra track I think even improved turn-in feel.

With a nice chunk over kilowatts at hand it was a truly an amazing package. The 79 had mountains of torque that seemed to forever be at hand with the ratios of the gearbox, but again, the behaviour under brakes and through long and short corners, even a slight dogleg was amazing.

You can check them out at www. Have you got a set of Portal Axles? Quite the contrary. Search skooby79 on Instagram. You will see many others doing the same as well.AxleTech is now a part of Meritor. Please continue to research AxleTech products at axletech. You may visit meritor. Our portal wheel ends, available under our motorsports brand, US Gearare specifically designed for off-road and motorsports applications requiring additional ground clearance. Besides providing a 4. This allows end users to keep their current axles and increase their capability.

The portal wheel ends are made with military-strength materials of the highest quality. The case and cover are made from ductile nodular iron, the input shaft from steel 1. With a modular approach in mind, the four bolt-on kits that are currently offered share the same portal box and brake, the adapater knuckle being unique to each axle. This site uses cookies to store information on your browser.

By using our site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. Order Parts Online. Portal Wheel End Overview Our portal wheel ends, available under our motorsports brand, US Gearare specifically designed for off-road and motorsports applications requiring additional ground clearance. The template could not be found. Application Sheets.See all 11 photos. With AxleTech International Motorsports' new bolt-on portal boxes, you get a geared hub that goes on the end of your axle and raises the centerline of the axle tube 5 inches above the centerline of your wheel.

Portals have been around for years under all types of military vehicles and tractors, but never has there been a bolt-on kit for the tried and true Dana axles. Inside the geared hub of most portal axles are only two gears, which makes them difficult to attach to a standard axle since they require flipping the differential due to the direction reversal of the two-geared hub. The AxleTech portals have four gears: a drive gear, two idler gears, and a massive driven gear that keeps the drive direction constant, meaning no axle differential or third member flipping is needed, and it lowers your gearing by 50 percent.

Since these geared hubs are at the end of your axles they give your ride a lot of ground clearance without a suspension or body lift. So why hasn't anyone done this before? We're not sure, but these guys are definitely qualified to make it happen. AxleTech is a descendent of such well-known axle component companies as Timken, Arvin Meritor, and Rockwell International. The company now concentrates on planetary and portal axles for heavy equipment and military vehicles and felt that its expertise would be perfectly suited for making parts for the wild wheelers in the off-road market.

These portals are the first prototypes installed on a vehicle, and we're proud to say our Fun Buggy was chosen as the guinea pig. The best part is that we bolted them onto the front and rear kingpin Dynatrac Pro Rock Dana 60s with no problems! We've only just begun testing them on the trail, but AxleTech has been putting them through high-speed and high-torque destructive testing and has yet to break the boxes watch the video on AxleTech's website.

The portals are currently available for kingpin Dana 60s and Corporate bolt axles, but will soon be made for various front and rear axles rear axle applications may require weldingand a smaller lighter version is coming eventually for half-ton and smaller axles as well as IFS. The portals add roughly 5 inches of ground clearance and 5 inches of width per side.

The width is easily dealt with by running high backspacing wheels see sidebarand the ground clearance is great for mud, snow, and rock wheeling. In fact, we ended up with 18 inches of differential clearance with 30 psi in inch tires.

Portal Wheels With the additional width of the portals, it is important to find wheels to deal withthe added leverage and scrub radius. Stazworks can also supply them if need be, but they are only available in You will need to supply the valve stems and take your time assembling the wheels and the internal O-ring seals.

We have had great success so far. They haven't leaked, and they hold the tires firm during severe side-hill wheeling. The extreme backspacing protects the brake calipers and reduces stress on the kingpin components.

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